How to Nominate A Community Payback Project

community payback

The Community Payback scheme is a part of community sentencing that sees offenders repay their debt to society by taking an active part in the improvement of their community. Offenders are given between 40 and 300 hours of what was once known as Community Service and later Community Punishment. This community sentence needs to be fulfilled within 12 months at a minimum of 6 hours per week. What’s more, as local residents you have the opportunity to nominate a Community Payback project that offenders will work on first.

Community Payback

Community Payback has been designed as a method to punish and rehabilitate offenders. It provides you, as a local resident, with the chance to see offenders face punishment for crimes that you may have been affected by. Whether you know of a local graffiti hotspot or there’s a community building in bad need of redecoration or repair you can nominate the Community Payback project of your choosing.

Types Of Project Undertaken

The variety and type of projects undertaken by offenders varies greatly. Those offenders that meet the appropriate criteria are required to work within the community in order to help improve living standards as well as the look of the area. Street clean ups, ground clearance, and even general gardening projects as well as environmental preservation projects, landscaping, and community building maintenance are all among the projects regularly undertaken by groups of Community Payback offenders.

Nominate A Community Payback Project In Your Area

A total of 54 areas in England and Wales are pioneering the project and if you live in one of these communities then you have the opportunity to nominate a Community Payback project that you believe to be the most deserving. Projects can range from local clean ups to the redecoration of a church hall or community centre. Currently, you are able to vote from a selection of five of the most deserving local projects giving you the chance to improve your area.

Justice Seen Justice Done

Justice Seen Justice Done is the motto of the project because the scheme enables residents to see first hand the punishment handed out to offenders. It also enables residents to see, experience, and enjoy the results of the unique scheme. When you nominate a Community Payback project in your community you will be one of the people that benefits from the results. Other projects undertaken by the scheme may include the fixing of goods and items that can subsequently be sold in charity shops and other locations around the community.

How To Nominate A Community Payback Project

In order to nominate a community payback project, visit the Community Payback website suggestion form or locate your local Probation Service.  Have your say and nominate a Community Payback project today.